You cannot buy electronics with food stamps. You cannot buy cigarettes with food stamps. You cannot buy pet food with food stamps. You cannot withdraw money with an EBT card (food stamps).

Do you know what else you can’t buy with food stamps? Shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, tinfoil, plastic sandwich bags, toothpaste, cleaning products, tampons, pads, over the counter medications (such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.), and anything else you can think of that you cannot physically ingest for nutritional purposes.

Do you know what you can buy with food stamps? Food.

Do you know what it’s like to scrounge for change to buy non-edible necessities, use a credit card and EBT card (food stamps) during the same transaction, and then have the person in line behind you judge you for buying the ingredients to make a birthday cake?

People who disseminate false information about food stamps have never had to use food stamps.

Okay, but let’s talk for a second about how that one lady called turkey “big chicken”

You can’t even buy all food with food stamps. You just… you flat-out can’t buy “food that will be eaten in the store/any food sold for on-premises consumption” or any “hot foods” with food stamps—meaning you can’t buy anything hot, you can’t buy anything that gets blended together, you can’t buy anything “pre-prepared,” in most cases you can’t use your EBT card at restaurants. You literally CANNOT purchase a milkshake with food stamps, because it’s considered “sold for on-premises consumption” (which was ridiculous at the place I worked, because the customer had to mix their own milkshake themself with a little machine we provided them, and several people got upset—rightfully so, I think—that it wasn’t covered under food stamps, because they often only found out at the register after already mixing it, often as a treat for their kids). You literally can’t walk into a gas station, grab one of those hot dogs off their grills/out of the little heated food area, and buy it with food stamps, because it’s hot.

And when I say “can’t,” I don’t mean “if the cashier notices you trying and cares enough to stop you, they’ll refuse to do it for you.” I mean “it is actually impossible to do this.” I’m not even sure these people who disseminate false information about food stamps have paid any attention at all when buying things at the store, because what happens is: We scan in the customer’s items, into our computer. The computer has specific codes for the items and rules for what it will let you pay for things with. We scan the customer’s EBT card, and it tells us exactly how much of that price total can be paid for via EBT, and it will not include anything that isn’t food, and it will not include anything considered “pre-prepared” food. It does this automatically AND THERE IS NO OVERRIDE FOR IT. If our machines say that you can’t use the EBT card to pay for something, there is literally nothing we can do to change that, even if we WANTED to.

So no. You can’t buy iPads or cigarettes with food stamps. You can’t withdraw money from casinos or anywhere else with food stamps. You can’t buy dog food with food stamps; sometimes you can’t even buy people food with food stamps. I’m not even sure if you can buy “the big chicken legs” at Disney with food stamps; remember, you can’t buy “any food sold for on-premises consumption” OR any hot foods, and that’s both.

Literally the only thing these fearmongers listed that you can actually purchase with food stamps even if you are in goddamn cahoots with the evil liberal cashier or store manager is soda, and the judgement against people buying that with food stamps is classist fuckwittery at its finest.

So, as always, Fox News is actually flat-out lying, and hateful conservatives both don’t know what they’re talking about and don’t give a fuck about people going through shit that they will never have to go through themselves, and that they in fact don’t have even the tiniest clue about (not even via five seconds’ research; a list of things that can’t be purchased with food stamps is on the Food and Nutrition Services website) but still think they should spout off about to their TV audience anyway.

if there’s one thing i’ve learned about this country is that all ends of it there will be people willing to make exceptions that make everyone else look bad. (ESPECIALLY where i live in free for all california)

So ridiculous. Everything stated above is correct. You can’t even buy a rotisserie chicken from most places with an EBT card, let alone a “big chicken leg” from Disneyland. But if you *could*, then that would be fucking wonderful! Someone has the chance to go to Disneyland and can actually afford food, which they will need to survive, during the experience! It might even be enjoyable food for them! What a fucking concept! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt judged by the cashier at whatever grocery store I’m at for paying with an EBT card. I feel as though I need to have copies to hand out to them that explain my personal situation, and that highlight all of my accomplishments and goals so that I may justify myself to them, which is just so fucking bad. I shouldn’t be made to feel that way, no one should. Maybe they are also misinformed like these ridiculous fucking people, who seem to think an EBT card is a fucking free-for-all. There are strict rules with them. There are things you literally can not purchase. For instance: in most delis I can buy a pre-made, individually wrapped cold sandwich, but I will not be able to purchase their hot, ready-to-be-eaten items behind the counter. And you can NOT take money out. Like. Just. What the fuck. And what the fuck is wrong with someone attempting to buy dog food with food stamps? Maybe they had a dog and couldn’t afford dog food, weren’t sure of the rules and thought they’d try???? I just LOOOOOVE these notions, too, that if someone has any assistance hey are not allowed any sort of luxuries in life. You’re not allowed to own nice electronics, you’re not allowed to go on vacations, you’re not allowed good experiences. Because apparently, you did not “earn” them. FUCK that. I feel bad if I have to buy cupcakes or something on my EBT card, because there’s a party or something coming up and I agreed to bring something but know that I really don’t have money to blow on them. And it is ridiculous that I feel bad about that because of ignorant fucks like this. ALSO- if you’re a news source you’re supposed to talk about news that is backed up with fucking SOURCES AND SHIT. Like that’s why you’re a *NEWS SOURCE*. What is this “I’ve heard,” “You hear about,” etc, BULLSHIT??! THAT IS NOT OKAY. THAT IS NOT CREDIBLE NEWS IN ANY WAY. IT’S JUST A BUNCH OF FUCKING ASSHOLES SPREADING IGNORANCE TO MORE ASSHOLES THAT BELIEVE THIS IS A LEGITIMATE, RELIABLE PLACE TO CATCH UP ON NEWS. IT’S ALL SO WRONG AND HORRIBLE.


I hear stories all the time from friends who work at grocery stores about people who use food stamps to buy beer while their kids are begging for a candy bar. These stories in particular set me and my parents on edge because we’re of the opinion that kids come first, especially above things like drugs and alcohol. But now, reading that EBT cards can’t be used to buy any of that stuff, I’m wondering just what it is my “friends” are seeing their customers pay with, and why they hate their poverty so much that they’re willing to lie about it.

Your friends probably see people buying food with EBT in the same order with beer with their own cash while the kids say they want something else. 

My parents weren’t on assistance but my Dad is an alcoholic, and so I’m sure that many clerks saw my wanting things while my Dad spent money on beer instead. But they probably just ignored it because, eh, that’s okay. But parents getting any assistance are expected to be saints. They shouldn’t drink AT ALL. Any extra money should go towards the children completely (while parents who may be poor but don’t collect assistance for whatever reason aren’t held to that same standard). 

People see assistance as being paid with tax dollars and therefore “my money” and so people have this sense of entitlement to dictate the lifestyles of the people who use that money. Just like getting mad when poor people have an iphone, even though for many people an iphone is a better investment because they can use it for email and internet access since many people who live in poverty don’t have computers or internet access. The monthly phone bill is easier to pay than a phone bill + home internet bill + buying a computer.

But instead people just see someone with an iphone when they don’t have one and they get unreasonably upset. 

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Reading this before I have to type it up is gonna suck. #ihavethepenmenshipofa5yearold #Buthey #imonlyprocrastinatingalittlebit #soyay?

Reading this before I have to type it up is gonna suck. #ihavethepenmenshipofa5yearold #Buthey #imonlyprocrastinatingalittlebit #soyay?

Well, it’s safe to say Harley has been sufficiently traumatized by her first earhtquake :(


Robert Carlyle “Ice Bucket Challenge” - [x]




TL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

holy fuck! so how did the penguins taste?????

this is the cutest video in the entire world. this seal is just so afraid for this dumb weird baby she thinks she’s found out in the ocean. have a bird. have another bird. no, see, eat the bird! the bird is food! why won’t this stupid baby eat. open your mouth you idiot baby i will feed you bird if it’s the last thing i do

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AU: Emma & Neal meet as children while in foster care, they grow up and break the curse together as a family.

"We promised to take care of each other." 

If only…

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"We are going to meet Belle’s mother. For the first time, we’ll delve into Belle’s past pre-the encounter with Rumple."

executive producer Adam Horowitz tells EW


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The spoilers are getting better and better. First Zoso, then Belle’s mom!

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If you’re protesting abortion, the Supreme Court says you can get right in women’s faces and scream at them on their way into the clinic. Because freedom of speech.

But if you try and protest the murder of a black man, you get tear gas fired at you.

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